Road closed sign

The way to wholeness

Adapted from an original image created by venturebox87 from Pixabay

“The right way to wholeness is made up of fateful detours and wrong turnings.” ~Carl Jung

When the road ahead crumbles into nothingness before your feet …

When you run into yet another Road Closed sign and find yourself shoved off on a detour …

When you discover that you’ve made another wrong turn taking you away from the direction you wanted to go …

… it doesn’t mean that you’re not where you need to be or that you’re not actually moving forward (even when you feel lost and disoriented).

The way to wholeness is often made up of those times of wandering off the path we thought we wanted because it’s there that our skills at navigating life’s challenges are tested and nurtured into growth, our wounds are brought to the surface to be healed and comforted, and our illusions and false beliefs are exposed to make room for truth.

It’s the path toward finding and cherishing the kintsugi gold in our lives as we live into more growth and healing.

It helps to let go of the idea that you are lost and off track and embrace the idea that you are on an adventure instead because that’s really and truly where you are … on an adventure toward greater wholeness.

You can do this!


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