Guest posting guidelines

I welcome guest posts on topics that explore what kintsugi living means to you or the gifts of kintsugi gold in your own life and experience. If you are interested in sharing your story here, please read the requirements for guest posts below to ensure that you story will fit.


The topic of your post should relate directly to kintsugi living—either how this metaphor has been meaningful for you or the gifts of kintsugi gold you've discovered as you have healed. While it may be necessary to mention broken places in your life, the focus should be on how you have grown and healed in the aftermath of that brokenness and not on the brokenness itself. Please keep the details of the brokenness to a minimum.

For many of us, our faith plays an important role in how we navigate experiences like these. While you are welcome to mention how your faith may have been a part of your healing process, please be respectful of the fact that the readers of this blog come from many different faith backgrounds. Any post which attempts to proselytize for a given religion or convince others of your particular beliefs will not be accepted. Please keep any mention of faith matters as open and welcoming to all as possible.

The post should also not be an advertisement for products or services you offer. You are welcome to mention those in your bio statement, but they should not be the focus of your post.

Post requirements

Please aim for a word count between 600 and 1200 words. Please also include a short bio (no more than 200 words) to go with your post to introduce yourself to readers. You are welcome to include up to three links to your website or social media profiles.

Please include a quality photo of yourself to go with your bio. This will be a relatively small image in the final post, so head shots are preferred to ensure that you are clearly visible.

Please provide a title for your post. You may provide an image to go with your post, but it must be one that you own the copyright to or that is licensed for use without charge (like those licensed under Creative Commons licensing). Please provide the copyright details for your image so attribution can be made. If you do not provide an image, I will select one.

Editing and ownership

I will edit all submissions for clarity and length (if necessary). You retain ownership of the copyright for your work (both text and images, if you provide them), but your submission grants permission for me to post your contribution here with attribution to your authorship.

Re-posting of previously published material is acceptable, as long as you still have ownership of the material. Please provide a link to the place of its original publication to include in the post.

There is no compensation offered for publishing a guest post, but it will be shared as broadly as all of my posts are with attribution to you as the author.


Please send your post ideas or suggestions to me by email.

Please submit the text of your post in a Word document or within the body of your email. Images should be in jpg, jpeg, or png format and be high quality. Images to go with the post should be at least 640 px wide. Bio photos should be at least 200 px wide.

Contact me with any questions you may have about guest posting.