About my artwork

My kintsugi artwork carries the theme of creating beauty out of brokenness to new materials and objects beyond the traditional kintsugi method of repairing pottery with lacquer and gold by using alternative materials for the initial pieces and for the repairs, which makes them significantly more affordable.

Stone kintsugi collection

My modern kintsugi stone pieces use stones that have been broken and repaired using powdered gold mica with modern adhesives and gold paint. These are available in a wide variety of jewelry and accessory styles.

Learn more about the process I use to create these stone kintsugi items on the Stone kintsugi process page.

Faux kintsugi collection

I also have a collection of faux kintsugi pendants that have the look of kintsugi without actually being broken and repaired to make this look available at a lower price.

The most popular of these faux kintsugi styles involves porcelain bisque heart pendants that are painted and have "scars" painted onto the surface of them and sealed with varnish.

Polymer clay kintsugi collection

I previously created a variety of modern kintsugi pieces that use polymer clay objects that were broken and repaired using either gold or silver colored polymer clay. This collection has now been retired.

Learn more about the process I used to create these polymer clay kintsugi items on the Polymer clay kintsugi process page.