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Living a Kintsugi Life

cover of A Kintsugi Life e-bookKintsugi is a beautiful art form that has much to offer as a powerful metaphor for living in our lives in a way that is focused on healing ourselves and the world around us. Some of the wisdom in the metaphor is readily obvious, but there is more to be seen than what is on the surface.

As I’ve explored this art form, learned more about it, and lived with its application to life over the last few years, I have uncovered a number of hidden gems in what this image can teach us.

Living a Kintsugi Life is a 34-page e-book on using the art of kintsugi as a way of living shares what I’ve learned all in one easily accessible package.

This edited compilation of blog posts and articles that I’ve written over the last few years as I’ve made these discoveries for myself has three main sections that explore what kintsugi can teach us about our brokenness, our healing, and our gold that we can share with the world.

I apologize, but this e-book is currently only available to subscribers to email list as I work on completing a longer, more comprehensive version of this book for publication.

In the meantime, learn more about joining my email list on the Subscribe page. I hope you will consider joining me for monthly email updates about new blog posts, offerings, events, and sales here at A Kintsugi Life and become part of our community of people actively living kintsugi lives.

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