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Kintsugi living book club

Note: This group is taking a break right now, but the discussion threads from our first book are still live and available for you to join in at your own pace. I’m happy to join you in discussion whenever the time is right for you!

This is an online book club to read and discuss books that relate to kintsugi living. We meet in a private Facebook group, which allows our discussions to be both private and open to all schedules and time zones.

I will introduce each new book with a blog post at least two weeks before our discussion begins to give everyone a chance to get a copy of the book. As much as possible, I will aim to choose books that are available in multiple formats: paper copies (hardback and/or paperback), ebook, and audiobook.

Once our discussion begins, I’ll add a new post each Friday to introduce discussion on a new chapter (or set of chapters, if they are short). As we read along together, you will the chance to participate in the conversation as much or as little as you prefer. In addition, all discussion posts on each book will remain open until we begin the next book, so you are free to read at your own pace.

There will be a short break between each book to allow everyone time to catch up and to get access to the next book, and then we will start the process over.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, I hope you’ll join us!

Book club books

Please feel free to get your copy of the book we are reading in whatever format and from whatever source best fits your needs, including using your local library. In order to support independent bookstores, I will be including links to each book on (when available) and linking to the publisher’s website, but you are welcome find other sources.

NOTE: Using a link to to make your purchase will result in a small affiliate payment being made to me at no extra cost to you.

Current book selection:
Healing through the Dark Emotions: The Wisdom of Grief, Fear, and Despair by Miriam Greenspan (2003)
This book is available in hardback, paperback, multiple ebook formats, and in audiobook. It’s also old enough for used copies to be available, and it’s likely to be in your local library’s collection.

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