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Custom kintsugi work

Kintsugi repair of existing pieces and custom orders for new kintsugi items are both available. However, please be aware that I only work with modern materials (not the traditional kintsugi process) and I only work with broken and repaired stones. I do not repair or make kintsugi (or kintsukuroi) dishes, cups, bowls, or other dishware at this time.

broken stone pendantKintsugi repair

I repair stone jewelry items for customers using my standard processes for stone kintsugi work. If you have a piece that you are interested in having repaired in the kintsugi style, please send me an email at to initiate the discussion. It is absolutely necessary that you include at least one clear photograph for me to see the piece in question so I can determine whether I think a repair is possible for your given item and provide an estimate its repair.

If I think a repair is possible and you are happy with the cost, I can create a custom order listing for the repair. You would then mail your item to me at the address I will provide, and I will repair and return it in the time frame quoted.

Please note that I do not provide the service of breaking your item in order to repair it. The piece to be repaired must already be broken before I will accept it for repair.

Custom kintsugi orders

I also accept custom orders in order to design a new piece or modify an existing jewelry item or accessory to better meet your needs. The most successful custom order work that I do is that which is at least somewhat similar to my usual work because I have the greatest familiarity and practice with those techniques.

Please note that any customer orders are constrained by the following two limitations:

  1. I do not have the equipment to cut or shape my own stones at this time, so all custom work will require the desired stone is available from one of my suppliers in the desired shape, color, size, and stone type.
  2. I have no control over the number of breaks or the break pattern that results during the breaking process, so I cannot accept custom orders for a specific breakage pattern of any kind.

To initiate the custom order process, please contact me using the Contact page or by email at to initiate the discussion. Once we agree on a design, price, and timing, I can create a custom order listing for you to make your purchase.







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