You are already beautiful

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Kintsugi (kintsukuroi) rose quartz stone heart pendant with gold repair on black cotton cord

One of the joys of the work I do is the opportunity to work with stones all day. What that really means is that I get to work with beauty all day.

Every stone is a uniquely beautiful work of art all on its own before I do anything. The way the colors and layers of the stone run through it, the internal patterning that gives rise to iridescence of various kinds, and the combination of textures all contribute to making each stone a wonder to behold.

Even a fairly "plain" stone, like the rose quartz heart pictured above with its uniform coloring, is full of fascinating beauty when you look closer. The way the crystal structure of the quartz shifts direction in the stone adds enough beautiful detail to keep me entranced with watching its reflection in the light as I move it around.

For that matter, there is beauty even in the broken stones as I get a glimpse of the colors and layers normally hidden on the inside and can see how those layers trace their way from one surface of the stone to the other.

Repairing the stones with kintsugi after they have been broken adds more beauty to the stones as it heals the broken, jagged edges and make it whole again, but it is not what makes it beautiful. The stone was already beautiful all on its own before anything was done to it.

So it is with each of us.

You are already beautiful just as you are. Even the broken, painful places are showing glimpses of your beauty in the strength of your inner character in how you face those challenges.

In time, your healing will add even more beauty to your life as it mends those broken places and makes you whole again, but it will be adding beauty to a life and a person who is already beautiful.

Nothing that happens to you can ever take away the inherent, unique beauty that you already are, no matter how much it hurts.

Re-discovering and embracing that beauty in yourself—even as you work toward even greater beauty in the form of healing—can help ease the way for healing to flow.

You are already beautiful.

And you are already loved more than you can imagine.


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