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About Kenetha

I am a kintsugi-inspired artist and writer who aspires to be a healing presence in the world.

What I do

Kenetha J Stanton

I use the metaphor of kintsugi, with its brokenness, healing, and subsequent gold, as a means of inspiring and supporting others through my artwork and writing.

I experienced a period of intense losses several years ago that affected every aspect of my life—relationships, career, identity, spirituality—that resulted in deep transformation that has changed me profoundly in many ways. It was during this period that I discovered the art form of kintsugi and found it to be a powerful guide and encouragement for what I was experiencing.

During that period and in the years since, I have explored more deeply the image and metaphor of kintsugi as applied to living and take great delight in sharing this beautiful art form with others who are facing similar periods of struggle.

My art work has gradually come to focus almost exclusively on using kintsugi-style techniques on broken stones to create jewelry and accessories that give a visual reminder of this powerful metaphor. In my writing, I aim to share the insights and encouragement I have found (and continue to find) in this art form and its application to life.

Who I am

I thrive on creativity and creative expression through my words, my art, my business, and the way I live my life. Finding better ways to make my vision a reality energizes me.

I thirst for knowledge and am always trying to learn new things. I ache for wisdom and seek to continually understand myself, others, and life in ever-deepening ways.

As an introvert, I treasure solitude and quiet. I love nothing more than unscheduled time home alone with my books, my writing, and my artwork. I delight in long walks in nature and hikes in the woods.

I am a person of deep faith who longs to experience the Divine in everyday life, in the midst of the beauty and pain, the joy and sorrow, and the paradox and messiness that living entails.

As I continue to live into this metaphor of finding beauty in the healed (and healing) broken places in my life, I am continually learning to let go of the person I used to be in order to grow into the person I am becoming.

Training and certification

I am a certified life coach (CPC) by the International Coach Academy, where I graduated in May 2012, and a Certified Deep Transformation Coach by the Center for Transformational Coaching, as of 2015. I also completed a soul mentoring apprenticeship with Robin Rice.

I am also a Reiki III practitioner and certified yoga teacher (CYT-200). I completed my Reiki training in March 2010 under Christine McKenna Eartheart of Heart Spirals in Bloomington, IN, and my yoga teacher training in July 2011 under Marsha Pappas and Nikki Myers at CITYOGA in Indianapolis.

A Kintsugi Life is a division of Chrysalis Wellness, LLC, the umbrella company that comprises all of my entrepreneurial business ventures.

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