A Kintsugi Life is devoted to exploring the ways that the art of kintsugi can inform and inspire the ways that we live and heal. Learn more about the kintsugi art form, shop the premier collection of kintsugi jewelry and accessories made from broken and repaired stone and polymer clay objects, explore what applying this art form to your life might mean, and join the conversation as we find our gold together through the ongoing healing process.
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About Kintsugi

Kintsugi (also known as kintsukuroi) is a Japanese technique for repairing broken pottery with seams of gold. Learn more about the history of this technique and the process used to create it.

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Kintsugi resources

Find lists of resources to learn more about kintsugi as an art form, find supplies and instruction for learning to perform kintsugi yourself, and discover a variety of artists working in the kintsugi art form.

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Kintsugi artwork

I use modern kintsugi methods to create jewelry and accessories from broken and repaired stone and polymer clay items. Learn more about these two collections and how they are created.

Shop the premier collection of kintsugi jewelry and accessories made from broken and repaired stone.

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Kintsugi repair and custom orders

Custom kintsugi repair of your broken stone pendants or similar pieces is now available. Learn more about the process or about requesting a custom made jewelry item or accessory.

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Kintsugi living

Kintsugi living is about embracing our healing and finding the gold in our scars that can help the healing of those around us. Explore the resources and support available for this way of living.

Kenetha J. Stanton

About Kenetha

Kenetha J. Stanton is the kintsugi-inspired artist and writer behind A Kintsugi Life. Learn more about her, her work, and her story.

Featured categories

These items represent my three most popular categories of handcrafted kintsugi jewelry, accessories, and gifts. Browse today to see what makes these collections so popular!

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